Mom Grace

Mom Grace is predominantly about perspective. It is a book that is meant to encourage as well as challenge mothers to learn to recognize both the blessings and the challenges unique to motherhood as gifts from God.

The book goes through 29 gifts that God gives to moms and encourages mothers to learn to recognize the many ways He is pouring out grace and blessings on our lives.

There are a lot of books out there for moms, many of which are instructional in nature. This book is unique in that it is not a how-to book nor a systematic teaching. It is more about experiencing the revelation that God is very gracious to His children, and gives many gifts, even when we don’t always realize He is doing so.

What Moms are Saying

“The words of Mom Grace leave the reader feeling empowered to embrace the many gifts found in motherhood as well as encourage us to trust and rely on God to overcome the unique challenges we face as we raise our children. A great read for the busy mom who needs a reminder of God’s special grace for moms.” Victoria Pevarnik

M.A., M.Dv, Stay at home mother of two

“I have been mothering for 19 years and was so encouraged and blessed by Mom Grace! It is authentic, inspiring, practical, and full of reminders to live in the fullness of gratitude on the mothering journey.” Michelle Ryan

Homeschooling Mother of 7

“Mom Grace was like water for a thirsty soul. It is part devotional, part encouragement, part parenting, and ALL grace. The author approaches the reader with humility, admitting her own struggles in parenting 5 children, but she simultaneously has an unusual amount of spiritual wisdom and authority. These gifts of grace are desperately needed on the Christian parenting journey. Praise God for His Grace!” Melanie Sunukjian

Blogger and Mother